• Switching courses

    Q: Am I able to switch course dates?
    A:  Of course. some candidates book onto a course months in advance and we undestand that commitments change, so you are welcome to  change your course date subject to availability. Please note that a £30 admin fee will apply when less than 1 months' notice is given.
  • Details of my course

    Q: When will I receive details about my upcoming course?
    A:  You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you make your booking. We will send out specific details regarding your course to the email address you used to book on 10 days prior to the course date.
  • Course dates

    Q: Are there any further event dates other than what is on the website?
    A:  We post all event dates 6 months in advance, so look out for more dates available every month.
  • Is this course right for me?

    Q: I am unsure if this course will benefit me?
    A:  Our substance misuse courses are multi-disciplinary, meaning that they are aimed at a large range of professionals who work within the field of Substance Misuse, including nurses, pharmacists and drugs workers involved in the treatment of problematic drug use. Service users and carers have also benefited from the learning opportunity that this course provides.   To complete the RCGP Certificate in the Management of Drug Misuse Part 1+ and Part 2, you will have had to already have completed the Drugs Part 1 course.
  • Paying for the course

    Q: Can my employer pay for my place on one of the course?
    A:  Yes, they can. There are numerous ways to do this and it all depends on your organisation's processes. If you need to book a place on one of our courses and your employer needs to make payment, just make sure that they fill in your personal details on the booking form to ensure we have the relevant information we need to get in touch with you prior to the training day. They can then pay via credit/debit card. We also accept payments over the phone, so you can call us, we will take your personal details before passing us over to the person in finance (for example) to make payment. We always give you a receipt for payment should you need this to claim the course fee from your employer. This may help if the course is in the near future. If your organisation requires an invoice to be able to pay for your place, please download and complete this Invoice Request Form and once completed, send it to We must have the correct address and contact in your finance department that will pay the invoice. It is at our discretion whether we accept this request for an individual invoice and once received, we will be in touch. Please note that we are unable to secure your place on the course until full payment has been received. If you have any queries, please get in touch with a member of our team and we will be more than happy to advise.
  • Face-to-face course delivery

    Q: How are the courses delivered?
    A:  The face-to-face courses are delivered by one of our qualified trainers and this is mainly via a PowerPoint presentation with some interactive group working sessions where specific patient issues will be discussed. You will receive a copy of these presentations and a supporting delegate pack so you can make your own key notes.
  • Virtual course delivery

    Q: What software and equipment do I need?
    A:  All of our virtual training is currently delivered via Zoom as we have found it the most practical platform for group working sessions. You don't need to download the Zoom application to be able to join the event, however you can do so if you wish. The meeting link will be sent to you approximately 10 days prior to your course start date, along with the meeting password. All delegates will benefit from this session being as interactive as possible, so we kindly ask that you have your video switched on throughout the session and you have the ability to use your microphone to join in the conversations. You may also benefit from using a set of earphones to block out any background noise. Speaking of background noise, we know that it is difficult to stop the dog from barking at the postman, but do try and have a quiet space with no interruptions and where possible, not at work.
  • Who are the Trainers?

    Q: What qualifications do the trainers have?
    A:  Our trainers are selected for their expertise in the field in which they deliver the course. They range from GP, nurses, pharmacists and have many years experience in the management of service users.
  • Certifications

    Q: I have completed my course, where is my certificate?
    A:  In order to receive your certificate, you will ensure that the course has been paid for, you attended a face-to-face/virtual day with us, and you have completed your e-learning within a 6-month period of completing the training day (for Drugs Part 1 and Alcohol only). If you have done all of the above, you will need to log in to our e-learning platform (where you completed the e-learning module) and there should be an option to download your certificate from there in PDF format. You will also need to fill in a quick feedback form before you are able to download your certificate, as we all know how much everyone loves to fill in feedback forms!
  • Drugs Part 2

    Q: Am I qualified to join the Drugs Part 2 course?
    A:  The Certificate in the Management of Drugs Part 2 is aimed at clinicians managing service users and is a 9 month programme delivered at a Masters Degree level. All of the criteria and details pertaining to the course is outlined in the Part 2 application form downloadable from our Part 2 page on our website. If you are still unsure, get in touch with a member of our team and we will be more than happy to talk you through it.


  • Expiry date to complete all aspects of the RCGP courses?

    Q: Is there an expiry date to complete all aspects of the Drug and Alcohol RCGP courses?
    A:  Yes, you must complete the E-Learning module (only pertaining to the Drugs Part 1 and Alcohol courses) and the training day within a 6 month period in order to be awarded your certificate of completion.
  • Can I just do the E-Learning element and not the face-to-face course?

    Q: Can I just do the E-Learning element and not the face-to-face course?
    A:  Of course. You can access the E-Learning via our website here. There is a small cost associated with this E-Learning . It is £30 per course (Drugs Part 1 or Alcohol) or £50 for both. The cost gives you access to the E-Learning platform for 12 months. If you then decide to book onto the face-to-face course, we will offer you a discount of the amount paid for the E-Learning , just contact us before you book onto the course, so that we can send you a discount code to be applied to your order.
  • Why am I unable to enter my login details?

    Q: Why am I unable to enter my login details?
    A:  Like many new websites these days, Internet Explorer is not a compatible web browser for our E-Learning site. Please ensure you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari for the best experience of our site.  If you are already using one of the Internet browsers mentioned above and you are still having issues, please contact so we can resolve the issue.

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