SOS (Spotting Overdose Signs)

Course overview
SOS offers candidates an understanding of the impact of significant risk factors to health and will demonstrate soft skills for learners to feel confident to approach individuals that may be intoxicated.

This course will support the principles of resuscitation and physical first aid training in secure settings, in addition to the importance of how to signpost residents to obtain the healthcare advice required and recognise signs of ill health.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what NPS (Novel Psychoactive Substances) is.
  • Identify vulnerable individuals.
  • Early warning signs of NPS.
  • Recognise signs of overdose and life-threatening drugs intoxication / serious complications.
  • Get the right help from the right professionals rapidly and effectively.

Course details
This course is currently only offered as an in-house training program meaning that it is organised and delivered at your workplace. Please visit our Train Your Team page for more information.

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